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Raspberry Shortbread Shampoo Bars

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Amazing Gifts for All Occasions

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At HSC we believe that everyone possesses their own unique inner beauty. HSC products don't claim to "make" you more beautiful, they were created to help you care for your skin to outwardly reflect that inner beauty you already have. Though we take product making very seriously, we do believe that skin care should be fun and we have an array of fun and exciting scents to choose from.

We also believe everyone deserves high quality skin care products at an affordable price. You shouldn't have to skimp on taking care of your skin and settle for chemical and synthetic based skin care products. HSC products are created to work on all skin types and especially on sensitive skin. Our products are priced fairly, so they can become your regular daily skin care routine. Our efforts and budget are not spent so much on what our products go into, but what goes into our products. Quality raw, natural and organic ingredients to make products you can afford to buy and can't afford not to use, for the health of your skin...and the environment.

Our natural soaps and skin care products are handcrafted right here in beautiful Humboldt County, California.

Product Refills in Compostable Cellulose Bags

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Simple - Natural - Pure

Sulphates...No, Parabens...No, Phthalates...No, Harsh Preservatives...No, so what IS in HSC products? Raw natural oils, butters, seaweed extract, essential oils, waxes and plant based powders which contain skin nourishing vitamins and minerals for starters. Did you know that what normally passes for a bar of soap is actually a condensed detergent bar? Yuck, right? If you suffer from itchy skin despite having no skin rash or other skin condition you may want to read the ingredient list on that "soap" bar you've been using. More than likely, if you are using a popular mass produced "soap", it's full of detergents, foaming agents, chemicals, etc. and could be the cause of itchy skin irritation. If you think about how you would normally grab one of those bars in your shower, lather up and rub that detergent into your skin on a daily basis, you can see my point. Real natural soap contains none of those types of ingredients and not only cleanses, but helps maintain skin health. At HSC we take great pride in handcrafting skin nourishing real soap. We also use the same philosophy to create our skin moisturizers, lip balms, bath bombs and more.

We know that once you try our products you will see and feel the positive difference real natural ingredients make...for the health of your skin.

 100% Cruelty Free. No testing on animals...ever!

The Spirit of Humboldt County