Product Refills in Cellulose Bags

HSC has taken action to show we care about our planet by offering plant based cellulose refill bags. Instead of receiving a new product container with each re-order of Goat Milk Lotion, Body Mousse or Cremeplexion, you can hold on to the original container and refill it each time. Cellulose is an important structural component of the primary cell wall of green plants. Our cellulose refill bags are compostable which means no waste and no single use containers. 

The moisture in your product can quicken the composting of the refill bag. It's best to empty the contents of this refill bag into a non-compostable container sooner than later. Do not leave the contents in this refill bag for more than 4 weeks maximum.

Snip the tip of your refill bag and gently squeeze the contents into your previously used HSC container. Work the product from the bottom up like a tube of toothpaste to move the product through the cut you made then place the emptied bag in your compost pile or know that it will turn to compost if thrown away.