Customer Feedback

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"So I decided to try the lemon chiffon deodorant because my all natural Tom's deodorant was not cutting it. Just during the work day I would feel funky and not like I was odor protected. I start using Humboldt Soap Company’s lemon chiffon deodorant a week ago and haven’t had any odor and I take a 2 mile walk a day!
The real test was today I walked a 5k this am with my momma and didn’t put any new deodorant on since I showered yesterday around 2pm and guess what?! No stink! This stuff is amazing!! No stains on clothes either! Love it!" 
A. Nieman, Eureka Police Dept., Eureka, CA

"Do you self esteem and the environment a favor! My hair looks, feels and smells incredible. I love the idea of shampoo bars to help the environment, so I have tried a few varieties.I am a buyer for a small chain of grocery stores in Northern California. I met with Arice, the owner, to discuss selling Humboldt Soap Co. in our stores. Being a local item, I was already inclined to say yes to an order. The meeting was equal parts professionalism and awesomeness, so I ordered a lot for our store. Arice gave me a sample of the Strawberry Shampoo Bar. The very next day, I got a compliment on my hair by a friend/co-worker that sees me everyday! Since then, I've had many more compliments on the shine and texture of my hair. My hair looks, feels and smells incredible. My bathroom smells great, too.I don't care how many free samples of other stuff I get, I'll be purchasing this from now on!
J. Graves, Product Buyer, Arcata, CA
"The Shampoo bars are to die for. The sent is amazing I have the Hibiscus and Vanilla Honey all I can say is wow ❤️❤️❤️. It’s makes my whole bathroom smell like it. My hair is so soft ❤️. I just completed Chemo and wanted a product that had nothing harsh in it and all Organic this met my expectations and more. Tell all your friends there are tons of scents for all."
L. Storey, Entrepreneur, Fortuna, CA
"These are GREAT shampoo bars. Recently I purchased the Hibiscus & Vanilla bar & the Raspberry shampoo bar. My order arrived very fast & with samples of other products. I love that the bars are wrapped in cellulose, so I can just compost the packaging. I have fine strait hair, my partner has thick curly hair. The bars work GREAT for both of us, the scents are very pleasant. Rather than a conditioner, I just put a small drop of oil in my hair & it looks/feels fantastic.
If you like LUSH shampoo bars, you'll love these. I look forward to trying all the scents from Humboldt Soap Company."
C. Swingdler, Business Owner, Arcata, CA


"Arice's soaps, body butters, and lotions are the best homemade indulgences ever. You can tell how much time and expertise Arice puts into her products."
D. Pulverman, Cosmetologist, Humboldt County, CA


"I absolutely loved my custom body scrub from Humboldt Soap Company. It was the perfect consistency and didn't made a mess in my shower. I loved the light scent that it left on my skin. It was the perfect product to combat dry patches like my knees and elbows."
E. McCall, Cosmetologist, Provo Utah


"After using HSC soap and lotion for just a short period of time, my skin issues have all but cleared up and I smell great to boot!"
W. Betz, Architect, Humboldt County, CA

"Humboldt Soap Company is amazing!!!! Their products smell amazing! Each item is handcrafted you can see it in the details! Arice uses only the best natural ingredients which feel and smell so divine. The salt scrub in Gardena and her goat milk soap are my two top favorites....this week! Lol Plus they deliver!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend HSC!!!"
D. Jones Baxter, Redding, CA

"I absolutely love my Humboldt Soap Company products. I've purchased several items for myself as well as for gifts. She puts such care into her products and you can tell. The gift baskets are adorable and so much fun to customize. My favorite products are the Epson salts and the sugar scrubs. The salts are wonderfully relaxing and make the whole bath smell heavenly. The scrubs go on nicely and leave my skin smooth and lightly fragranced all day!"
A. Sweet, Fitness Instructor, Humboldt County, CA

"I love all the scents Humboldt Soap Company makes, just heavenly and out of this world! the Body Butters are wonderful on your skin, love this!"
L. Kimura, State Employee, Humboldt County, CA


"HSC has the richest, creamiest body lotions I have ever used. The scents are really fresh and natural. I love the product."
T. Roberts, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Massage Therapist, Humboldt County, CA


"Absolutely love this company and the conscientious ingredients!! No harsh chemicals here!! They smell wonderful perfect holiday gift!"
A.Nisson, Humboldt County, CA


"One of my favorite indulgences (especially in winter) is to slather myself in the Jasmine scented Whipped Body Butter. It's fabulous! It keeps my skin moist and smooth. AND I always get complements about the perfume I'm wearing when I'm only wearing the lovely body butter. Great stuff."
C. Williams, Author/Artist, Humboldt County, CA


"I have received some products from Humboldt Soap company and have been pleased with them. The lip balm is nice. The soaps and lotions are just delightful and smell so good. I would definitely buy these products and recommend them."
K. Wight, CSR, Humboldt County, CA


"The body butter is phenomenal- will definitely be ordering more...Thanks!"

C. Letchford, MD., Reno, NV.