Is it true HSC products are made in small batches to maintain the utmost quality?

Yes, all of our products are handcrafted each time, in what is considered small batches in the skin care product industry. We do this to make sure every finished product is consistently of the best quality. No mass produced machine made products for us!

Are HSC products good for sensitive skin?

YES! Sensitive skin runs in our family and is definitely a motivation for creating gentle products nearly anyone can use without aggravating a skin issue. We have even been told more than a few times that our soaps, goat milk lotion and face cream have actually improved people's eczema in particular, though we make no claims that our products do so.


Are HSC products 100% natural and/or Vegan?

Yes, many of our products are. Each product listing on our website includes an ingredient list, to make it easy to choose the right products for you.

Does HSC practice recycling?

You bet we do. Not only are our product containers recyclable, but we offer product refill bags made of cellulose, a plant based compostable material. Instead of having to receive a new container with each re-order, you can choose to refill your container by ordering your products packaged in a cellulose refill bag. Just snip the tip of the bag and squeeze the product into your previously used HSC product container, then place the emptied bag in your compost pile or know that it will turn to compost if thrown away.

Does HSC offer wholesale pricing to resale retailers? 

Yes we do in certain cases. If you are a retailer with a resale license and are interested in carrying HSC products in your store, please send an email to arice@humboldtsoapcompany.com to request wholesale information. We will get back to you with a short list of questions and our wholesale price sheet.

Does HSC offer refunds?

Due to cosmetic sanitary laws, we cannot resell a product once it has been purchased and left our care. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for details on returns and refunds.

How does HSC prevent bacteria growth in liquid based products? 

Since California cosmetic laws require the use of a preservative in any product that contains water and is being sold to the public, (lotion, face cream, body wash, facial cleanser, etc.) HSC has opted to use the mildest, yet fully effective preservatives available, for your safety. There are "natural preservatives" being used by some companies, though due to the findings of our research, we do not feel those types of "preservatives" are effective enough to keep enough microbes, bacteria, fungi and microorganisms from forming in our water based products. 

How does HSC scent the products?

In most cases our products contain either essential oils or no fragrance at all. In honor to the requests we receive from customers who ask for fragrances that are not available as essential oils some of our products do contain high quality fragrance oils which are blended in house by our trusted suppliers. In all honesty, the amount of fragrance used in a batch of product is a small enough ratio compared to the batch size that adverse affect is very unlikely. Though if you have a sensitivity to fragrances, we recommend avoiding them or doing a small skin test on the inside of your arm before using the product all over.

What type of colorants does HSC use?

In most of our products the answer is none. For our bath bombs we love to use natural fruit, veggie, cocoa and activated charcoal powders as often as possible. Since some of our clients request and enjoy brightly colored products, we do use micas in a few of our artisan soaps and a couple of our bath bombs. We are careful not to use micas which are not intended for certain products in those particular products. For example, neon micas are safe for use in soaps, but not in bath bombs.


Does HSC use biodegradable glitter?

Yes, absolutely! We love to add sparkle and shine to some of our seasonal and Artisan soaps and have opted to use bio glitter whenever glitter is used.