Our Eco-Friendly Packaging

At HSC we use Eco-Friendly packaging and offer product refills in compostable packaging.

Not only do we care about high quality products at affordable prices, we care about the packaging our products go into and how that packaging affects the environment. We use different types of Eco-Friendly packaging such as Compostable Cellulose Bags, Recyclable Craft Paper Boxes, Paperboard and Recycled Cardboard Boxes.

  Recycled Cardboard 

Compostable Cellulose Bag

Recyclable Paperboard

Product Refills in Compostable Bags

Recyclable Craft Boxes

A few of our products such as lotions, body wash, face cream and body butters come in recyclable and refillable plastic jars and bottles. We choose plastic for liquid based and softer products for some very good reasons. Plastic will not break and shatter in the bathtub, shower or bathroom floor if it's accidently dropped  by wet hands. It's lighter making it more economical to ship.

HSC will continue working to reach our goal of 100% Eco-Friendly Packaging as options become available. If you reuse your plastic containers by purchasing refills in our compostable bags, you too are doing your part to help cut back on plastic waste, when waste is truly the issue.